Before you move there are plenty of things to settle.


Contact us in advance.

•Request a pre move survey at your home at no cost to obtain a more accurate quote..

•During your survey date, inform the sales representative the value of your belongings in order to obtain the insurance cost.

•Inform us of any fragile and valuable item that needs special care.

•If you are moving out of the country, get information about customs regulations and any necessary documentation for destination.


•Do not forget to send at least with 2 weeks in advance all documentation and valued list for the insurance, make sure to hire an insurance premium with enough coverage to insure your goods during your moving process.

•Make sure that all your utilities bills such as, telephone, electricity, water, etc are paid before your move.


•In the moving day, make sure that your refrigerator is empty, clean and previously unplugged to avoid mold and mildew.

•Take into consideration that you need to unplugged all electrical appliances and keep in a safe place the small parts.

•Ask the packers to label the cartons according to which room or person they belong to. So at your destination, you will know what to open up immediately, what to open up later and where to put them.

•Just relax and let us take care of your move.



  • Do you need to move a house, apartment or office? Request a quote HERE.
  • We perform a pre move survey at your home for an effective quote.
  • CONTACT US  +52 (33) 36 03 00 00 or to +52 (33) 36 03 01 28 in Mexico, our team will kindly attend your enquiry.

  • We have 3,000sq m of warehouse, clean and secure against theft and fire.
  • We offer Storage loose, in lift vans or container, 24/7 surveillance.
  • We have pest control.

  • Our own fleet of trucks is big enough to meet your needs. More HERE..


in moving your best choice in Mexico!

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